Welcome to the ZoneSquad Rewards Program

This exclusive rewards program is only open to members of our Zone programs (the Money Zone Club, the Gold Zone Club and our Zone Mastermind & Mentoring program).

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* If you are a member of one of our Zone programs and logged in, you will see your personal Gem balance & Rank above (plus which Rank is next)

How The ZoneSquad Rewards Program Works

You complete tasks to collect Gems

For example watching lessons, completing the next workbook or even just logging in!

For each task you do, you get Gems

Different tasks automatically add different Gem quantities to your account.

Collect Gems and go in the draw for cash prizes!

Every week you collect new Gems you’ll go in the draw to win the weekly ZoneSquad cash prize!

Uplevel to new Rankings

Once you reach certain amounts of Gems you will Uplevel through the Ranks. Each new Rank unlocks extra secret bonuses and gifts.

How do you collect Gems?

Want to see your Gem balance? Scroll to the top of this page if you are logged in, it’ll be right there.

How do you collect Gems? There are a few different ways you can collect Gems! You will automatically receive the Gems as you do the things listed below. Your Gem balance will be automatically updated!


As you gain Gems, you will automatically Uplevel to new Rankings. Each new Ranking unlocks special secret bonuses and gifts.

Apprentice of Abundance
Level 1 (everyone starts here)

Cosmic Majesty
Level 6 (5,000 Gems)

Herald of Prosperity
Level 2 (250 Gems)

Master of Frequencies
Level 7 (10,000 Gems)

Quantum Crafter
Level 3 (750 Gems)

Grand Guru of Wealth
Level 8 (20,000 Gems)

Ninja of Manifestation
Level 4 (1,500 Gems)

Celestial Sovereign
Level 9 (50,000 Gems)

Divine Whisperer
Level 5 (3,000 Gems)

Holy Grail Alchemist
Level 10 (100,000 Gems)


  • Gems – Points ZoneSquadies can earn by completing tasks & learning. These count towards uplevelling and the rewards you can earn in the ZoneSquad Rewards program.
  • GemGrab – Binge on anything Zone related! Doing the releases, watching lessons, meditating, journalling.
  • Rank – The level members are at based on how many Gems they’ve earned.
  • The Zone – The Zone is a measurable, physical vibration you emit, that matches that which you want.
  • Uplevel – Go up a level in the rankings.
  • Zoneify – To get yourself or your business into the Zone
  • ZoneSquad / ZoneSquadies – Members of any of the Zone programs (Money Zone Club, Gold Zone Club & Zone Mastermind & Mentoring), working on uplevelling their wealth & money vibration.
  • ZoneSquad Cheerleader – The most engaged person in the Facebook group each month wins this title for the month and a prize!
  • ZoneSquad Rewards – Our rewards program for all members of the ZoneSquad! You can uplevel, earn cash prizes and get bonuses.