Prepare for mind-blowing upleveling

Rebecca is now available for private mentoring and access into her personal mastermind group.

Rebecca is unlike ANY mentor you’ve worked with previously. 

Rebecca is highly intuitive. Yes she will help you sort out your offers & funnels and get all the systems & marketing you need in place… but she will also go far deeper than you’ve ever been, helping you release both personal and business resistance so you can create & attract the results that finally align with your goals & dreams.

This is an energetic and expansive journey like no other.

Spaces are on an application-only basis and are strictly limited.


The Zone Mastermind + Mentoring Program

The Zone Mastermind & Mentoring Program is where you get step-by-step, personal guidance to create a 0 to 8 figure blueprint, release hidden resistance, get you into aligned action and create extraordinary results.

It is a unique, personalized program for business owners and entrepreneurs who are ready to massively reduce & eliminate friction and get epic results to wildly increase their income (without being on the struggle bus). 

You don’t need to have all your ducks in a row, or be a millionaire already.

You will need:

A business (or an idea you’re ready to start)

To be open to doing strategy AND energetic work

To be ready for massive shifts & huge results!

You’ll be pushed out of your comfort zone BUT you’ll also have your hand held, be guided every step… and you’ll get RESULTS.

This is not for the faint hearted. This is not for those who want “a bit more income”.

If you have big dreams, are prepared to put the work in and are ready to have your mind blown, then read on…

Imagine if you had a coach who had done the 0 to 8 figures journey


… If you KNEW what was going on in your energy


… If you had expert 1-2-1 coaching on what marketing/systems/strategies you need,
what was blocking your energy and how to allow abundance.


What would open up?


What results might finally ACTUALLY happen?

Meet Your Mentor Rebecca

World #1 Money Zone Coach | Self-Made Multi-8 Figure Speaker & Entrepreneur | Intuitive Funnel & Marketing Expert |
Award Winning 0 to 20+ Million Business Owner | Founder of The Zone Method

Went from 0 to $21million in 2 years

In one business alone, generated 1+ million followers in under 18 months

Went from 0 to multi-millions twice in under 2 years

Built a totally automated top 1% Etsy shop

Sold 6x businesses

Created 1,000+ downloadable products

360+ online classes & courses

Hosted 23 online Summits with 50k+ attendees at each

Personally has 120k+ followers

“Before I discovered The Zone Method, I bought a small beauty salon for $20k. Rather than the hands-off profit I’d imagined, I ended up working all hours, in an industry I didn’t know, with constant stress about making payroll. I knew I needed help so I religiously studied funnels, marketing, systems & mindset.

A few months in, there was a massive 100-year storm & the salon flooded. At rock bottom I sat on the soaking floor and had a huge cry. My dream was gone.

When I finally got up, it was like a literal parting of the clouds… The things I’d been learning suddenly clicked together and The Zone Method was born.

Over the next year I restructured, got it to work without me & overhauled our marketing. It went from loss making to a gorgeous little business. I then sold it on to a lovely couple for $270k who still run it today (23 years later).

I’ve replicated this same growth repeatedly, tweaking and improving my methodology. Funnel set up, marketing methods, automation, processes, energy, money flow and mindset.”

– Rebecca, Founder of The Zone Method


You will work on your STRATEGY + ENERGY


Some of the strategies will be things you’ve heard before… funnels, automating your sales process, evergreen income, recuring income, lead magnets etc…

You might even already have much of this in place. Or you might have had it on your ‘to do list’ for ages.

But what will be entirely new, is the HOW.

How you put this together. How to create or update this so that it flows. How you have it be easy. 

So that you are removing the hard work and magnetizing profit.


Yes you will discover what is blocking you, where resistance is, what to check for, how to clear every area of your business, and how to master your energy.

But what is frankly quite magic is in having your own personal intuitive energy mentor.

Rebecca will listen to your every voicenote or coaching call and feel into what is happening in your energy… Where you are blocked, what resistance is there (that might not even be your own) and where you can widen the energetic  money flow.

She’ll give you specific questions and areas to check, and the release statements to follow, helping you step-by-step clear your own energy for epic shifts.

There will be structure, marketing, setup and funnels work AND there will also be mindset work and energy work (frankly a ton of woo-woo stuff that you probably won’t tell anyone about… but that will make perfect sense).

It’s a clicking of the two worlds that finally has the business & marketing side actually work with ease and money flow like never before.

This isn’t something anyone else teaches.

This is your opportunity to be on the forefront of a movement… A new way of doing business & making money. An insane level of ease, results and flow.

There are 3 levels: Diamond, Sapphire and Platinum

All three levels receive access to the private Zone Mastermind WhatsApp group to ask Rebecca strategy & energy questions anytime and receive voice notes back. Plus the monthly Mastermind group calls.

The two upper levels also recieve 1-2-1 mentoring calls to privately work directly on your energy and business.

The highest level receives premium 1-2-1 mentoring with a private anytime chat with Rebecca for elite speed upleveling to get kick-ass coaching and space-holding support to manifest like never before.

Diamond Package

(Mastermind Group)

There’s a whole list of features to each level of the program (listed at the bottom of this page), including monthly group calls and quarterly meet ups.

But the reason you need this in your life & business is for the Zone Mastermind Whatsapp… All our Mastermind participants & Mentees are invited to a private WhatsApp group together.

You ask questions anytime – You’ll voicenote or type your question into the chat. Any areas you feel stuck, things you want ideas on, things you want Rebecca to look at for you.

Rebecca wil listen, feel and reply – Rebecca will feel into your energy and the energy of your business. She will then reply back with Strategy AND Energy.

For the Strategy, Rebecca will answer with her suggestions, methods and tips so you can tap into her years of starting and running multi-million dollar businesses and fast track your growth.

For the Energy, she will feel what is happening, give you questions to ask your energy, release statements to use so you get the most aligned, in flow results.

You’ll take aligned action – You’ll use Rebecca’s proprietary Zone Method (which she’ll walk you through) to check in with your energy, get clear & get aligned.

There’s no hustle. No knee-jerk reactions. No working 24 hours a day.

Yes you will take action (and likely a LOT of it).

This is not one of those ‘meditate and a lump of cash will drop in your lap’ programs.

You will need to take action. But it will be Aligned Actions only.

Sometimes you’ll come up with whole new Strategies, new promotions, new products or services, new systems to implement.

Sometimes the action will simply be to clear your energy.

Sapphire Package

(Mastermind Group

+ 1-2-1 Mentoring)

You will receive everything the Diamond Level gets PLUS a whole heap more….

A 1-2-1 Deep Dive Session – A 2-3 hour session directly with Rebecca so you can dive deep into how your business works already (or how you are planning it), what your goals are, where you are stuck and where you want things easier/bigger/better.

12x Private 1-2-1 Mentoring Calls – Monthly 1hr Mentoring Calls directly with Rebecca, focussing on the most impactful areas for YOU to propel you forwards leaps and bounds on your financial timeline and in your goals.

6-Monthly Review Call – So you can stay on track & getting results through the whole program.

This level is for if you want to go FASTER and more IN FLOW than ever before.

Platinum Package

(Mastermind Group

+ Premium 1-2-1 Mentoring)

You will receive everything the Diamond AND Sapphire Levels get PLUS a even more personal level of Premium Mentoring….

This is one-to-one, personal, private and premium mentoring.

As well as the group WhatsApp, your monthly mentoring calls, your deep dive session and your reviews, you will also have Rebecca’s highest level of access

Your own PRIVATE WhatsApp channel with Rebecca to get personal energetic & strategy coaching anytime.

Weekly Energy Clearing and Check-ins – Keep your goals in progress on and track at all times. Have Rebecca check in with your energetic flow and your business’s alignment.

Rebeca will hold the space and work directly with you to release resistance and clear all channels. Combining her power with yours, this is deep, connected work for full blown, intuitve impact.

This level is only for those ready for an explosion in growth, to move beyond what you thought was possible for you personally and your business.

This is YOUR time to Uplevel

 If you’ve read this far, likely you are hugely motivated (and probably have already spent significant time working on yourself and your business).

 What you need to know is this is NOT like other programs you might have done. You won’t be taught to suck eggs, you won’t be out on a limb on your own and you won’t be told to hustle harder or faster.

What you will get is clarity, insight, strategy, energetic clearing and upleveling to new heights.


The question is, how BIG do you want to go?

What difference would more money & more time make for you?

What would that create in the world?

This program is designed to help you get there, but only you can decide if & when you are ready.

…… if you know this is for you APPLY NOW below ….


Diamond Package

(Mastermind Group)

Unlimited coaching via The Zone Mastermind WhatsApp Group

Group Accountability & Actions

12x 1hr Group Training Calls

Guest Mentors

Quarterly Training Day (Hertfordshire near London, or via Zoom)


PAY IN FULL $5,997

12 Month Package
(max 25 spots only)

Sapphire Package

(Mastermind Group

+ 1-2-1 Mentoring)

Unlimited coaching via The Zone Mastermind WhatsApp Group

Group Accountability & Actions

12x 1hr Group Training Calls

Guest Mentors

Quarterly Training Day (Hertfordshire near London, or via Zoom)

A 1-2-1 Deep Dive Session (2-3 hours, Zoom or in person)

Personalized Multi-Million 36 Month Plan

12x Private 1-2-1 Mentoring Calls (1hr)

6-Monthly Review Call (to help you stay on track & getting results)


PAY IN FULL $14,997

or PAYMENT PLAN $7k upfront +
10 x  $949.67

12 Month Package
(max 10 spots only)

Platinum Package

(Mastermind Group

+ Premium 1-2-1 Mentoring)

Unlimited coaching via The Zone Mastermind WhatsApp Group

Group Accountability & Actions

12x 1hr Group Training Calls

Guest Mentors

Quarterly Training Day (Hertfordshire near London, or via Zoom)

A 1-2-1 Deep Dive Session (2-3 hours, Zoom or in person)

Personalized Multi-Million 36 Month Plan

12x Private 1-2-1 Mentoring Calls (1hr)

6-Monthly Review Call (to help you stay on track & getting results)

Your own PRIVATE WhatsApp channel with Rebecca to get personal energetic & strategy coaching anytime.

Weekly Energy & Progress Check-in


PAY IN FULL $31,997

or PAYMENT PLAN $15k upfront +
10 x  $2,019.67

12 Month Package
(max 7 spots only)

* Prices in USD. See currency convertor here. The application page includes the ability for you to note which currency you want to pay in. Our team will convert this for you and send you an invoice in your own currency.

Are you ready for a new level?

A new way of being?

A new speed and ease?


This program will teach you things no one has ever taught before. You will learn how to apply it yourself and repeat it time and time again in the future.

Base requirements:

You either already have an existing business or side hustle, or are creating one.
Your business revenue / annual sales can be anywhere from 0 upwards (into millions and beyond).
You may already have existing products / services, or you may be developing them.
Can be a product or service (or both) business.

Critical requirements:

Action takers – People who will jump in, go for it and take the actions they say they will.
People on a mission – Whether you’re on a mission to “change the world”, or to uplift your life and your loved ones, you need something you REALLY want. Something bigger than you, that’s going to drive you & inspire you. A new home, pay off debt, solve world hunger, whatever that is for you. You need something that matters to YOU and you’re ready to receive it.
People who really want the results – Be prepared to be triggered. Some of what holds you back will be personal. You’ll dive deep and release stuff you didn’t know was impacting your business.

People who love money & making more of it – you gotta love the idea of having a wildly profitable business. To have goals & dreams of how much money you want your business to make and what things you’re doing to do with that. Save it, invest it, pay off debt, help others. Whatever it is needs to excite you.

Anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder – business doesn’t have to be hard. We’ll work on what systems you need to work less and make more.


People who won’t show up and won’t put in the effort. You will not get the results if you do not do the work.

Anyone who isn’t into energy (or at least open to a bit of woo woo). 
Assholes. Part of the program is the people in it. It’s got to be a safe space you can say what’s not working & what you need help with, without judgment.

Now with all that said…

What if you got EVERYTHING you wanted?

What if it could be EASY?

What if you could ENJOY it?