Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Page is the founder of The Zone Method and an award-winning, multi-8-figure entrepreneur who is on a mission to help people LIKE YOU create WILDLY profitable businesses & lives.

Went from 0 to $21million in 2 years

In one business alone, generated 1+ million followers in under 18 months

Went from 0 to multi-millions twice in under 2 years

Built a totally automated top 1% Etsy shop

Sold 6x businesses

Created 1,000+ downloadable products

360+ online classes & courses

Hosted 23 online Summits with 50k+ attendees at each

Personally has 120k+ followers

“Before I discovered The Zone Method, I bought a small beauty salon for $20k. Rather than the hands-off profit I’d imagined, I ended up working all hours, in an industry I didn’t know, with constant stress about making payroll. I knew I needed help so I religiously studied funnels, marketing, systems & mindset.

A few months in, there was a massive 100-year storm & the salon flooded. At rock bottom I sat on the soaking floor and had a huge cry. My dream was gone.

When I finally got up, it was like a literal parting of the clouds… The things I’d been learning suddenly clicked together and The Zone Method was born.

Over the next year I restructured, got it to work without me & overhauled our marketing. It went from loss making to a gorgeous little business. I then sold it on to a lovely couple for $270k who still run it today (23 years later).

I’ve replicated this same growth repeatedly, tweaking and improving my methodology. Funnel set up, marketing methods, automation, processes, energy, money flow and mindset.”

– Rebecca, Founder of The Zone Method